Cuddle Up!

January 19, 2009

Seems like every time I sit down our old cat wants to be on my lap or lying up against me. I’ve also noticed that she has found a warm spot on the floor in front of the kitchen sink. There is a heat duct there and it is always a very toasty spot.

With the arctic cold we’ve had even our younger cat doesn’t want to go out all night like he is accustom to doing. He doesn’t like all the snow sticking to his thick fur. I’ve been the same way though; I just want to cuddle up with a nice warm blanket and cup of coffee.

I was spending time with the Lord the other day when he took me to Proverbs chapter 2 and as I read verse 6 really stood out to me. It says, “For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” As I thought about this another scripture came to mind from Revelation 3:15-21, this is where the Lord is speaking to the Church of Laodicea.

He tells them that he has seen all their deeds but that they are lukewarm towards him and he is about to spit them out of his mouth. This sparked an interest in me and I went to my favorite online bible study place and typed in the word “mouth”…I wanted to see what all the mouth of God had in it.

There are a lot of “mouth” references in the bible but the two biggest associated with God that I could see were concerning His Word and fire. (Job 41:14, 19, 21, PS 18:8, PS 33:6, Matt 4:4). In such cold, dark times that we are in I think it wise for those of us who love and follow Jesus to stay by the fire of God reading and absorbing his Word like never before.

I think this is his message to me and all who call themselves believers to come to him and ask him to stoke the fire within us, to stir us up and thaw us out bringing us back to our first love for him. We need his wisdom, knowledge and understanding, it’s the only way to make it to the finish line victorious.

I found myself asking God for these very things, I drew near to him and he drew near to me (James 4:8) I don’t want to be spat out of the mouth of the Lord, I need him. Take time to cuddle up with God today and read his word; ask him for wisdom, knowledge and understanding and for his fire to bring you back to your first love for him.

He misses you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you once again, Christy! You are such a great writer. You have helped me so much to see things in a different light.

joetta said...

amazing and touching... warms my heart to read it! praying for you..