Frozen Pipes

January 16, 2009

Matt discovered that we had frozen pipes this morning when he went to take a shower. In all the years we’ve lived here we’ve never had a frozen pipe in that bathroom. All the plans changed and everything had to come out of the closet that was in the way so that my brave hubby could crawl behind the wall to thaw them.

This had to be made a priority before they burst and sent water spewing everywhere. We scrambled to quickly and quietly take care of the problem so that we didn’t wake the household. With the mission accomplished, Matt got ready to go to work and I put the rest of the things back into the closet. I found my “Complete Jewish Bible” amidst the items strewn on the floor and I decided to take it downstairs and read it.

As I read Psalms 23, I was struck by the words in verse 4… “Even if I pass through death-dark ravines, I will fear no disaster; for you are with me; your rod and staff reassure me.” (Complete Jewish Bible version). Even though we went through trial this morning the Lord was there and we didn’t need to fear the disaster .

We will never know what the Lord protected us from and what seemed like a huge inconvenience may have been God’s vehicle of salvation! God always has our best in mind even when we face trials of many kinds… the Bible even says we should rejoice! (1Peter 1:6)

If you feel like God is disciplining you this morning be reassured by his rod and staff that he is there and has a good purpose for the things which you are enduring. But watch how you handle yourself…because He is watching and waiting to see if what he has taught you has been learned by you. He wants you to succeed and the only way to do that is to turn to him.

He will give you the answers to the trial you’re facing. We have the Word of God the “text book” at our disposal any time of day and it’s an open book test! We also have a direct line to the throne room of God into which the Bible says we may come with confidence. (Heb 4:16) All this we have available to us but how many times do I try to handle things on my own?

Father, I need you…I come with confidence into your throne room, before your throne and I ask that you help me with any and every trial I will face today and in the future. I want to bring glory to you and not dishonor your name. Help me to immediately turn to you when I feel the flood waters rising. Thank you for your faithfulness to be there and save me time and time again.

Thanks for helping us with the pipes today and sparing us from what the enemy had planned.

I love you, Jesus…Amen.


dawn said...

Thank you for that entry. I've been finding myself wallowing in self pity a lot lately. I needed to hear that today. Thank you! May God strengthen us in the times that seem so hard. He is always good! Praise His HOLY NAME!
Dawn :)

Anonymous said...

Amen, Amen, Amen in his precious name, Amen!
Thank you Christy once again--for bringing everything clear!