Current Status Archive through February 26

February 19
9 AM- Danni just went into surgery, she got a late start because she had to get a new hairdo. She's such a trooper; I'm so impressed by her attitude! She is so beautiful, she just beams! It's very obvious the peace she has in her heart. The nurse told us that she will be giving us an update every hour and a half so I will do my best to keep you all up to date. KEEP PRAYING!!

10:45am- We've just received word from the nurse that Danni is doing well and her surgery started at 9:45. Wish we knew more. The nurse will come back at noon. God will be glorified!

12:00- The nurse was faithful to return to us news about Danni. She said that the tumor is good sized and that the doctor is using ultra-sound type equipment to break up the tumor so that he doesn't have to do so much cutting and cauterizing. This procedure helps to save the healthy tissue that is around the tumor. Pray, Pray, Pray. I want you all to know that I feel God's presence and your prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you, body of Christ!

1:15pm- Danni's done!!! Waiting for the doctor is murder! Anyway, the doctor says that Danni is doing well and we are just waiting for her to wake up. That process should take approx. 2 hours. The doctor took out a tumor about the size of his hand. We will know more how the surgery will affect her after she wakes up. We need to pray against strokes and the loss of memories and personality. The incision goes from one ear to the other across the top of her head but will be hidden when the hair grows back.

We also need to pray that when she wakes up she is FULLY THERE with all the special parts that make her who she is.
The peace I feel is incredible. I want to give all the Glory to God!! We had a good time of prayer in the waiting room for her. It really is something when 15 to 20 people hold hands in public and pray for something. Thanks again, Christy & the family

3:15- Miracle!! Danni smiles and waves at the nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



6:15 pm- NAP TIME!!!! Christy crashes!

February 20
9:20 am Wednesday - Good morning all you beautiful people! Good news!! Just talked with the doc and he says she's doing great! He wants to take some tubes out today and move her to a regular room! Wow! God is Awesome! And He's answering your prayers! The specific need for today and I'm sure the days to come is that she doesn't get depressed. Thank you all sooooo much!

10:45 am- Danni is in her own private room! They have removed the tube from her head and neck (used to follow vitals accurately) she has been sitting up, walking and drank some grape juice! More miracles today, I'm speechless. That's something for me! (Sidenote from sister who has password to blog: Christy is NEVER speechless! This is big! Hee hee.)

February 21
11:10 am Thursday- Very funny sister with password! Anyhoo, Danni is up she is eating, walking, talking, doing normal (well as normal as possible) teenage/adult things. She will have to stay for one more night and depending on how she does she may be coming home tomorrow. The doctor says she is doing exceptionally well, HALLLELUIA!! (I spelled that wrong just for u sister w password Hahahaaha!) She does have swelling in her right eye (like she got punched, not her eyeball) so we need to pray that the swelling goes down and that her other eye has no swelling. She is in good spirits and we are still seeing this miracle continue!

8:20 pm Thursday- Danni has been joking and interacting with the family visitors. I rejoice! She tires easily. Also, the swelling around her eye has gone down considerably and I don't see any swelling around the other eye either. Please continue to pray. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!

8:00 am Friday- The doc came in and said it was time to take the head bandage off. That was some tense moments for Danni and I. We still have a few more fuzzies to take off but the nurse said we could give her a rest and do it later. She has eaten 2 small bowls of cereal, pancakes, fruit cup, and an egg mcmuffin that Matty brought her this morning. I'm so thankful that we'll be coming home today. I'm thankful for your prayers and I'm thankful that she has a good appetite. The swelling around her eye is much better too. Don't stop prayin yet!

12:54 pm Friday- We were discharged from the hospital and we took Danni home.

2:30 or so Friday-We're home! Danni is doing well. She rested quite a bit because leaving the hospital and the ride home tuckered her out.

February 24
8:30am Sunday- Sorry I haven't updated in a while, it takes a lot of time to bring someone home from the hospital. PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY Danni is seeing a small shadow (double vision) not as bad as she was before but I will try to get ahold of someone today. Still no pain for her, that's good. The swelling around her eye isn't much better either.

Noon- We called the doctor and he said that the symptoms she was having were normal to those in her condition when they begin to get up and move around more. But we were to watch her. What a load off.

February 25
2pm Monday- Danni's swollen eyelids went down a bit but she still has the vision problem. She felt well enough to go for Chinese today. She was pretty tired by the time we got home but she went and ate good! Amazing! Brain surgery not even a week ago and now she's eating chinese at a restaurant! Thank you God! And everyone who prayed! We're over the river but not through the woods yet so please don't stop praying!

February 26
Noon Tuesday- Danni's enjoying her mexican food for lunch. She's having some pain in her knees, most likely from moving around after a month of not much movement. She's also having trouble with double vision. Please pray for these specific things today, thanks.