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jj said...

Christy, I set up this new comment section for you so hope it works better. The other one was rather full. I love all of you. Sorry you have to go through this. My heart hurts. Love, Seester

Lori said...

I am Tami Smith's cousin in sunny Florida. Two years ago this pass Oct. it was not so sunny for us. My father in law at the age of 56 was diagnosed with an asotoma grade 3 brain tumor the size of a plum. They were only able to take out 70 percent of it because of the location. He has done radiation and is still on chemo every 5 weeks. He was given 2weeks to 2years to live and is still living. With prayers and God's will. If you ever need a new friend or email buddy please ask Tami for my email or phone number. I would love to email and tell you how things have been for us. Something we don't find much here in Florida. We take each day at time and Thank God for each one we have with him. Sorry this is so long. Your whole family is in my prayers. God bless

Anonymous said...

I would like to invite you and your family to our church on Sunday. We would like to pray over you. Branches of Christ Ministries
2010 Tillman Rd.
Fort Wayne. at 11:00

Kenny Nickolson
Please call

Anonymous said...

Hey Danni
Glad to see that you are home. I know that God has given you the strength to get through this and he has also given you the will to keep fighting. We pray for you all the time.

I am glad to see that you were able to have some chinese food. Chinese food seems to make everyone happy!!! (I know it does for me!)

With love,
Mike and Shaunna

Arianna said...

Hey kid! Congrats on eating at the Chinese restaurant, and I'm so happy the surgery went well. The food you ate is probably ten times better than any of the goop they can offer me down here, haha. I think I check your website at least 100 times too many throughout the course of the day. I'm still thinking about trying to convince your mom to put a picture of a boozard on your page. Or at least a flamingo. I think the layout needs some *pizzazz* and trust me, I'm pretty much a fashion designer. Anyways, just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you. I hope to see you again soon!! Lurf you.


Janet Stone said...

Dear Christy,
You said yesterday when I was talking to you that writing is therapy for you. I think I shared with you then, and I want to tell you again now, how much you're writing has helped me and many of my friends. When I sit and pray for you, Danni, your family and all of her friends, I praise God for using you to teach the rest of us how to have faith. You have all the "normal" and "regular" fears that anyone(especially a parent) would have watching someone they love struggle. But you have so much more than those lousy feelings. You have God's word tucked away in your very soul. Each and every time you are afraid or sad you remember the promises that He has given to us and that lifts you up and gives you peace. And then you share it with us through your writing...and then, in turn, we learn it too and we lean into Jesus.

I heard recently something that I want to share with you. People who are afraid ~ look around. People who have regrets ~ look back. But people who have faith ~ look up. That is you and you have challenged me so much to continue to look up. YOU are living out every parent's nightmare, yet through this terrible, awful nightmare, YOU are putting a smile on Jesus's face. I am constantly amazed by you. YOU are a living example of really, truly living "it". Thank you. I love you.

Love, Janet

Anonymous said...

hey danni! i just wanted to let you know i am praying so hard for you allll the time! i check your page like ever half hour lol. there are people at AU praying for you that don't even know you... you are loved:)
-rachel unternahrer

Anonymous said...

Danni, you are my hero! You are my source of strength! I think about you daily, and wonder how you are all the time. This website is always up on my computer. I stop between classes to see if your mom or anyone has posted anything new! You're amazing! I couldn't imagine going through what you are, and I can't imagine anyone else doing it with such positive attitude like you are! You are a hero to everyone! If you need anything, still remember, we (your classmates) have your back! Anything at all! Keeping being you, and staying strong!
-Heather Glick

Anonymous said...

Hello there Danni!
I'm so glad to hear that you are out and about getting well and eating chinesse. (That always makes things better!) :D hope you have a fabulous day! feel better soon georgeous!!

Jeff said...

Danni, Christi, and Matt:
First of all we love you guys so much, we so thankful that GOD has allowed our lives to cross. Just wish the situation had been a different one.
It has always amazed me how GOD seems to always be there in our lives, even when we don't realize it. We hurry through life with our heads going in all directions, striving to achieve this, pushing to reach goals that we think are important, worrying about things that don't really matter. But HE's always there, just behind the scenes preparing our way, removing certain obstacles before they even arise and in most cases we don't even realize what he has done until it is all said and done. GOD hears our prayers even though they are not always answered in ways that we want. So Keep focusing on GOD, rise about all fear, knowing HE is in control and holding you in the palm of his hand. Just FEEL HIS HEALING WARMTH.
Love Jeff and Barb E.

ljalufka said...

Dear Danni and family,

We are Corey Brown's family out in California. We are praying for you...specifically for complete healing and that you continue to feel God's loving arms around each of you as you go through this. You are great examples of faithfulness.

Love and blessings to you!