Blessed by Obedience

March 29, 2009

John 2: 1-11 is such a rich passage. There are so many things here that I see but the Lord has been speaking to me about obedience and blessing. He loves to reward his children for their obedience to him.

Here Jesus is at a wedding banquet with his mother and disciples and he’s sitting there and his mother comes to him and says, “They have no more wine.” (CJBV) My imagination goes into gear here and I can just see him smile at her as he says, “Mother, why should that concern me?—or you? My time hasn’t come yet.”

Mary smiles back and goes to the servants and says to them… “Do whatever he tells you.” What confidence she has in him I’m sure she’s seen things time and time again. What faith the servants have, Jesus tells them to fill the jars and they do…they fill it to the brim! (vs7)

It is the servants who get to see the miracle, not the man in charge. He didn’t even know where it came from scripture says. The servants obeyed and mixed faith with their obedience and Jesus worked the miracle.

I love how Jesus instructs the “lowly” at the party and they are the witnesses to the miracle he performs I also love how Mary says to them “Do whatever he tells you.” I love the heart of Jesus that would do a miracle to bless all the people and help the disciples to build their trust in him.

Jesus is so sweet. He rewards their obedience and everyone is blessed and edified with the best of the land…the best for last.

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Anonymous said...

Christy Thank you for your continuous love and leadership that you have shown us. All of my love and prayers still flow to you and your entire family.
Today is a day that I look at from different emotions-it was 8 yrs ago today I lost my brother. I know he is in our fathers home but I still miss him so much.