Sheep or Goat?

February 10, 2009

I was up with the roosters this morning longing to know God more, he’s doing more work in me. After a time of prayer I began to write and as I did things weren’t coming together so I left it alone as I commonly do to let the dust settle and then I can often times convey my heart.

I had the word open to Matthew 25:31-46 as I was writing but it didn’t seem to fit. I was reading about the sheep and the goats how on Judgement Day God would separate the people according to how they treated one another.

I came back to my writing thoughts this afternoon after I had checked the scripture for the day on one of my favorite sites and low and behold there it was again…Matthew 25…the sheep and the goats. I wondered what it was that God was saying.

My thoughts were on Danni about how she was reliant upon me during the last months of her life. I thank God for the opportunity to have served her, mommies do anything for their babies. She hated that I had to do the things I did for her but I was glad to.

Jesus showed me one day that as I did things for her I was doing the same things as unto him. I did my best for her and for him.

Matthew 25 shows us that how we treat and how we care for others goes a long way with God and we will stand before him some day to give account. I have learned so much compassion for people from serving Danni and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been there for her. I love her so much. I miss her so much.

What we do for others in this life matters.

This week is one year when Danni was diagnosed and I am amazed how life changes, we don’t know when exactly the Lord will return but if we are wise we will lay all doctrine and preconceived ideas aside and cry out to God to know him as he really is and not how we have made him out to be in our minds based on our earthly experiences or what someone told us about him.

Time is short…little sheep...treat people well…seek him to KNOW him as he really is and stay close to the Word these are perilous times and life can change on a dime.


Anonymous said...

Please keep this up you are really speaking to me. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

carol bushong said...

You are such a good mother and my heart aches for you thinking how much you must miss her. You are so strong and as I read your blogs it helps me to grow.