Fish and Focus

August 28, 2009

Before bible study I had decided to try my hand at fish on the grill, it was a disaster. When I was done I had a huge pile of half cooked fish and the rest of it was stuck to the grill. Fortunately my family was gracious to me and enjoyed peanut butter sandwiches instead.

This is like what happens in life when I try to do things on my own. I make a huge mess of things. I was so frustrated and I got down on myself. I was thankful for our time of study which pulled me back on track and revealed that my thoughts had not been of the best things like Phil. 4:8 – 9 says.

This week as we read our first scriptures from 1 John 1-2, God began to do a work in my heart. We read about light and darkness and the love of the world. I was convicted when I realized that a lot of my thoughts center on worldly things. I made an adjustment in my thinking (repented) about the will of God verses my will. I saw it as all or nothing, in order for his will to be done my will has to completely die. I love how the Holy Spirit comes with his sweet conviction to keep us on target. He is reliable and I can trust him.

In reading Ephesians Chapter 3, I saw something I’ve never seen before; the prayer that Paul is offering on behalf of the people is so powerful. Verse 12 in particular revolutionized the way I will pray from now on. I can come with confidence and freedom to the very throne of God with every thought. As we were reading, John 10: 7-9 came to mind and I realized that I must pass through the “Gate” to get to the throne room. Because of Jesus, the “Gate,” I can have direct access to the Father’s attention.

It was amazing to me as I thought about this path to the Father in my prayer time. I felt very close to God and I had confidence in my prayers rather than just putting them out there somewhere. I had focus and joy filled me. I know without a doubt that the Father heard me. This isn’t some magic prayer formula but it did help me to visualize my position in Christ as I prayed.

As we went on I was so encouraged by Judges 6 and the story of Gideon. I can relate to him. He just wanted to be sure that God was with him and he was doing God’s will. In my own life, I have the same desires. I’m not interested in just being out there doing my own thing. I used to be very independent and I made a total wreck of my life.

Through my recent experiences with my daughter I’ve found that my heart has been changed to one that waits on the Lord in everything. In my experience, I’ve seen that if I wait on him instead of running ahead and doing my own thing he works situations out for me.

This doesn’t mean that I do nothing, I just do what he tells me and I don’t sweat the rest. Most times I think God works in spite of me. My goal is to be totally surrendered to him and be content in all aspects of life and this is all the work of the Spirit in me not because I can do it on my own.

I don’t always get it perfect as the first paragraph or so of this blog clearly points out. Finally, Philippians 4:4-9 sums up how I am to live life, rejoicing, praising, being thankful, prayerful and allowing only good things to consume my thoughts which definitely take constant power from the Spirit. I am not capable of this kind of living without Jesus.

So many days, I sit here and wait upon him hanging on every word. Or, I go about my day doing things around the house or working in my office always with a listening ear to the Father. I just want to do things to please him. He has brought my heart to this point. Sometimes I don’t realize he has been speaking to me until later when I have a “duh” moment, but the Holy Spirit is faithful and he wants me to “get it,” to understand and hear.

Jesus wants to give all his disciples understanding and he wants our eyes and ears focused on him constantly. We must remain in him at all times, this is how I have been challenged this week and I hope you have been too. God Bless

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